A Postscript to MONDAY MORNING MEDIA XV: Just yesterday, March 28, 2022, as I was applauding Nobel laureate Dimitry Muratov for continuing to publish his crusading Novaya Gazette in the face of Russia’s crackdown on independent media, he received a second warning from the Kremlin’s regulator that his paper was violating the emergency press law. The warning was simple: shut the paper down, or its license would be revoked. With no choice, Muratov did as he was ordered, although he promised to remain in Russia and find other means to convey the truith of what is happening in Ukraine. How and when he might manage that is far from clear. The impact: the Kremlin has now succeeded in silencing the last independent voice in Russia. Now the official version of the “special military operation” in Ukraine is the only version readily available to the Russian people.

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