It is that time of year again, not quite spring, not really winter, when the self-indulgent, like me, turn to the Caribbean for solace.
This year, it is a sybaritic cruise through the Grenadines, starting tomorrow in St. Lucia, on a bareboat charter with four other friends that will take us to Bequi, Mustique, Tobago Cays, Union Island enroute to Grenada, the spice isle that The Gipper made safe for democracy back in the ’80’s. I suspect that if W. knew the history of that invasion, or took the time to read it, he’d suffer pangs of jealousy. Now THAT was a cakewalk. No nagging issues about missing WMD, no disputed intelligence, no annoying insurgency…just Big Brother to the north enforcing an overnight regime change. Grenada, incidentally, is significantly better off as a result.
Anyway, this is the third consecutive year this gang of super-annuated pirates of the Caribbean has sailed a boat somewhere through the islands. If you are curious about the earlier adventures, pick up the just-out April issue of Cruising World magazine and you can read about the self-indulgence of 2004. That year the target was the annual Antigua Classic Race week: a vintage example of what unlimited money and a sense of romance can accomplish, as long as price is not object.
If you miss it, I’ll post it on the site as soon as it is on the newstands.
I’ll be back in two weeks.

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